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  • That Josh Arnold Podcast: “Let’s All Go to the Lobby!” January 19, 2021
    Josh reminisces about working at a movie theater.
  • Bits & Pieces Podcast: We Play with Kristi Lee’s Bits January 19, 2021
    Kristi Lee from the Bob and Tom Show can do it all… Movies, TV shows, sweet-talking famous musicians. On this episode, we celebrate those moments and much more with Kristi Lee herself.  Join us for our best podcast yet!
  • Muffin Gloves & Jimmy Pardo | B&T Tonight January 19, 2021
    We open the show talking about Tiny Tim’s “Transaction Showers”. Then we learn that Tom calls Oven Mitts… “Muffin Gloves”. Then we are joined by one of our favorite comedians, Jimmy Pardo via zoom. Jimmy learns very quickly that it was probably a mistake calling in this morning. Be sure to check out Jimmy’s podcast, […]
  • Worm Burgers & Ask Alli January 19, 2021
    We open the show with Chick excited about monkeys opening gifts on TikTok. Kristi informs us that people are now eating worms and Pat Godwin has the perfect song for the occasion. We’re then joined by our love guru, comedian Alli Breen with this week’s Ask Alli. Today listeners have questions about … lingerie as […]
  • Tom Griswold: Therapy Gold Mine January 12, 2021
    Josh Arnold takes a topic off-limits after Tom Griswold goes too far. It sends Josh Arnold right into therapy!
  • Nuts on My Head by Pat Godwin January 11, 2021
    David Rush has set a new world record: the most nuts on top of his head. Pat Godwin pays him tribute.
  • Bits & Pieces Podcast: Big Time Football Bits January 11, 2021
    With the best football time of the year right around the corner, we enjoy some football-centric B&T bits, including Tim Wilson, “Keith Jackson” and a special behind the scenes voice.
  • Josh’s Head is Half Fat January 7, 2021
    Kristi Lee now sits behind Josh Arnold and makes a comment about his neck that thrills Tom.
  • That Josh Arnold Podcast: Questions? January 6, 2021
    Josh answers your questions and discusses an ugly encounter with a heckler.
  • Gabriel “FLUFFY” Inglesias Live! | B&T Tonight January 6, 2021
    You don’t want to miss today! We have the one and only, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias on the Zoom talking about his show “Mr. Iglesias” new episodes being released on Netflix today. Then we are joined by our NFL correspondent, Costaki Economopoulos with this week’s Quick Snaps. We finish the show off with the story of […]

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