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  • Josh Arnold’s On-Air “Toledo” March 1, 2021
    Josh Arnold attempts a joke about a toilet seat and even the crickets were silent.
  • Creamy, Pale, and Brunette | B&T This Week February 27, 2021
    Tom Griswold is a master of compliments. After turning this gift on Jessica Alsman, he lets Willie Griswold have some of his signature “praise.” Later in the show, he tries to “compliment” Chick, and it ends up backfiring on everyone. We answer “how long should it take to do it?” With a parody song by […]
  • Vibrating Pizza February 26, 2021
    Tom made a mean comment to Pat off air and the gang defends the poor man. A pizza chain in New Zealand is offering a shocking prize with an order.
  • How Long Should Fellas Last In Bed? | B&T Tonight February 26, 2021
    We are joined today by Jessica Alsman sitting in at the news desk, our own Jess Hooker, and comedian Costaki Economopoulos via zoom. We open today’s show with Ace having another bloody nose. We then turn to the news desk to discuss how long men should last in bed. Finally, we’re joined by Costaki for […]
  • That Josh Arnold Podcast: S’No Day Like a Snow Day! February 26, 2021
    Josh recalls some wintry fun from his youth.
  • B&T Extra Podcast: Chick’s Not Into It February 26, 2021
    On this Bob & Tom Extra: We have a Costaki Preview, Chick’s not into it, and animal.
  • Bits & Pieces Podcast: Comedy High in the Sky February 26, 2021
    We travel all over the B&T universe to find flying bits and pieces from the show, including multiple Kenny Tarmac appearances, as well as Tom Griswold working as an Air Traffic Controller?
  • Donnie Baker Takes Sexual Harassment Training February 25, 2021
    Donnie Baker is taking sexual harassment classes at work, and was a little aroused at the soft core scenes in the video.
  • Greg Warren Keeps Coming Back | B&T Tonight February 25, 2021
    We open the show with an Ace Cosby Joke of the Day. We’re then joined by comedian Al Jackson whose neighbor is not happy with his snow shoveling. Comedian and wrestler extraordinaire, Greg Warren joins us via Zoom. Tom has trouble remembering the name of Greg’s special, “Where The Field Corn Grows”. Greg leaves us […]
  • Tom Griswold is “The Reminder” February 24, 2021
    A news story causes Tom to play the infamous banjo bit, and it triggers a conversation about dead dads. Tom then almost plays Greg Warren’s Flute Man bit.

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