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  • Tom Griswold Interviews the Field of the Indianapolis 500 May 27, 2022
    Tom Griswold, along with Shaun Sowers, interviews drivers from the 106th running of the Indianapolis 500. 
  • LIVE: The BOB & TOM Show at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Carb Day May 27, 2022
    We are live at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Carb Day ahead of the 2022 Indianapolis 500. Join us live every morning on your local station, on our app, or on YouTube!
  • Hooker the Cooker Makes Dirty Soda May 25, 2022
    Josh fight! Who came out on top as the number one Josh? In our hearts, it is Josh Arnold. Jess Hooker the Cooker is here with a new recipe for the gang to try. Pat Godwin shares a touching tribute to a man named Josh Arnold. Try it yourself! 1 cup of ice 1 can […]
  • A Two-For-One Ace Cosby Joke of the Day May 25, 2022
    Tom finally gets to make a request on the show, and he loves Ace’s toast joke so much that he asks for a second joke. This is brought to you by Omaha Steaks! Father’s Day is right around the corner and dads want steak! Save 60% right now by going to and typing in […]
  • B&T Extra: Mr. Touchdown and Donnie Baker May 24, 2022
    On this Bob & Tom Extra: We have the USFL, Mr. Touchdown, and Donnie Baker!
  • Dick Hitswater Reports on the Johnny Depp Trial May 24, 2022
    Pat Godwin is #1 on the comedy charts with his new comedy album “Captured.” Tom is having trouble getting his gum packages, and he has a creamer-opener guy. Dick Hitswater calls in with an update on who actually left the present in Johnny Depp’s bed.
  • Failed to Mention News: Marilyn Monroe Edition May 24, 2022
    An Arkansas man tried to get rid of a raccoon at a game, and ended up getting bitten by the rabid beast. Shocking. Pat Godwin shares a tribute with an assist by the Beatles. We discover the best animal egg for throwing at Tom’s house. Jeff Oskay joins us with News We Failed to Mention.
  • How Did Ace Cosby Get One Listener a Date? May 24, 2022
    Ace Cosby is starting more relationships than Sexy Time ends. Thanks to Bumble, a man took a Joke of the Day and got a date. The Pope calls in and shares his favorite joke too. The story of the day is a big penis plant story, though.
  • Hooker the Cooker: Pasta Chips and Dip May 24, 2022
    Pasta – Boil one box of rigatoni to al dente  Dip 1 cup greek yogurt 4 oz package of feta 2 cloves of garlic 1/2 small shallot Juice of half a lemon Salt & pepper to tasteMix all ingredients in food processor and refrigerate for at least one hour Chips Season both sides of al […]
  • Messy Time with Tom Griswold May 19, 2022
    Tom Griswold has a messy workstation, and he gives us a tour. Ace Cosby shares a couple of jokes of the day, and Kenny Tarmac calls in about his recent sensitivity training. Alli Breen brings us letters from lovers in trouble, and everyone but Alsman gives helpful advice. Tom shares with Alli some of the […]

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