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  • Pat’s Vision Board for 2020 January 15, 2020
    Pat informs Tom that he has a “vision board” and Tom can’t decide who to make fun of first.
  • Stupid Toilet Paper Pyramid Stacking World Record January 14, 2020
    A high school robotics team from Michigan stacked 27,434 rolls of toilet paper in a pyramid to set a new world record. Tom is more impressed than the rest of the gang.
  • B&T Tonight 1-10-2020: SNL’s Kevin Nealon January 13, 2020
    We are joined by comedian and former SNL star Kevin Nealon. He shares some great stories about getting started at SNL. Granny Jane calls in for this week’s Shoe-In. We finish the show off with Kevin telling a hilarious story about being pranked by Peyton & Eli Manning.
  • Snake and Bake Pizza January 13, 2020
    A couple making a frozen pizza the other night were alarmed to find a burning snake in their oven. What are your three favorite pizza toppings? (snake included)
  • Tom’s Ski Vacation January 10, 2020
    Tom recently took the family on a ski vacation. Tom, being a man of the people, of course, had to chat it up with the people on the ski lift.
  • Donnie, Dick and Dave January 9, 2020
    A man called in sick to work and then showed up later to rob the place. Of course, Donnie Baker has something to say about that!
  • Donnie Baker Manifests His Wolf Pup Destiny January 8, 2020
    Donnie Baker is manifesting a free-range wolf puppy into the universe.
  • Josh Arnold Vs. A Deer January 7, 2020
    A man covered his brother’s dear blind in deer repellant and was arrested after an altercation. Josh tells a story about the time he almost killed a deer.
  • A Camel, Cow and Donkey Walk Into A Bar December 31, 2019
    A camel, cow, and donkey walk into a bar … We have a letter from a Junior Windbag today trying to fix Josh’s already perfect joke and Josh is on board.
  • It’s Christmas (Let’s Have … ) by Duke Tumatoe and the Power Trio December 20, 2019
    Comedian Greg Warren and Jessica Alsman help Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio sing a classic Christmas song.

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