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  • Air Guitar World Record March 27, 2020
    A group in Australia has set the record for “The most people playing air guitar” during a rock tribute festival. Comedian Reno Collier (Blue Collar Comedy) recalls the time when Larry The Cable Guy and himself played air guitar in front of 60,000 fans.
  • Peanut Allergies – Auggie Smith March 23, 2020
    We are joined by comedian Auggie Smith whose child has a peanut allergy. Who knew allergies could be so funny?
  • Watch The Full Show of March 18 March 18, 2020
    Subscribe to our channel in case we stream the show again. Enjoy today’s full live show thanks to B&T VIP. ​If you’re a VIP member, you can watch two months of shows on our website, app, ROKU, and Apple TV. We stream the show live every morning too.
  • Raw Hands! with Sing-Along Lyrics! March 18, 2020
    Pat Godwin brings us a hilarious new song about the importance of washing your hands… Tom micromanages it beyond repair! Please enjoy this brand new Sing-Along!
  • Watch Today’s Full Show! March 16, 2020
    We decided to broadcast today’s full video live on YouTube for all of our quarantined friends. Please subscribe to our channel in case we do this again!
  • Dirty Hands, Must Come Clean – Pat Godwin (AC/DC Parody) March 10, 2020
    A/CDC joins us this morning for a parody of “Dirty Deeds” with some tips to prevent COVID-19.
  • The New Outhouse Podcast with Chick & Josh March 6, 2020
    An Australian newspaper printed blank pages to help tackle the toilet paper shortage due to the Coronavirus scare. Chick and Josh decide there’s no better time to launch their new Outhouse Podcast.
  • Pulling Teeth With Donnie Baker March 5, 2020
    Donnie Baker calls in with a bad tooth and tries pulling it himself. We are joined in studio by comedian Reno Collier, and he and Josh both share their horrifying stories about watching people pull their own teeth. Check out more tonight on B&T Tonight at 8pm on YouTube!
  • Does Josh Have Corona? March 4, 2020
    Josh sneezes in the middle of Chick’s Sportscast and the gang gets worried that Josh might have CoronaVirus! Watch BOB & TOM Tonight to see more of this morning’s show. It airs live at 8 PM on YouTube and Facebook.
  • Oo That Smell! – Pat Godwin Parody March 4, 2020
    The gang learns about man’s innate ability to smell when a woman is turned on. Then, Pat debuts his new song! Watch BOB & TOM Tonight to see more of this morning’s show. It airs live at 8 PM on YouTube and Facebook.

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