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  • Ask Alli: Should I Surprise My Man? January 20, 2022
    We start with a tale of two world records. The first man in Poland has broken the world record for riding on the tallest ridable bicycle. The second man died. Jess Hooker reveals a stunning fact about Chick’s shoe collection. Alli Breen is at the back end of her apartment, and not prison, and thank […]
  • Falcon Follies January 19, 2022
    Jess Hooker sits in at the news desk and throws off the entire crew with her falcon patch. Tom then shares a story about his falcon guy.
  • Chick McGee: King of Pigskin Pick’ems | B&T Tonight January 19, 2022
    Chick McGee is the smartest man in the world. The evidence is his perfect record at this past weekend’s Shoe-In of the Week where he picked six out of six football games correctly. Costaki joins us for some football jokes and to share his picks for the upcoming week.
  • Extra Podcast: Being a Garbage Man January 18, 2022
    On this Bob & Tom Extra: We have Mitchell Potts, being a garbage man, and Failed to Mention News with Jeff Oskay!
  • Bits & Pieces Podcast: Willie G & Things January 18, 2022
    We honor Willie in this episode with bits about Stand-up, Betting, Camp, Rock-n-Roll and more!
  • Bob Saget Joins Us In The Studio – 2019 January 18, 2022
    Bob Saget joined us in the studio in 2019. Here is our complete interview. 
  • America’s Naughtiest Store? January 18, 2022
    What is a bildo? Find out if it is a Chick McGee slip of the tongue or shorthand for America’s naughtiest store.
  • Scientists Search Ancient Toilets January 18, 2022
    Scientists have, for some reason, analyzed the contents of an ancient toilet. Can you guess what they found?
  • Elvira Comes Out! January 18, 2022
    Elvira has come out and announced a long-time relationship with her former trainer, and it cost her “11,000 “Horny Old Men” on Twitter. Jess Hooker asks if any of the guys thought they had a shot with a celebrity.
  • What Does Jeff Oskay’s Tattoo Say About His Past Lives? January 18, 2022
    Jeff Oskay has a neck tattoo and he tells us what it says about him in a previous life.

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