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  • The Warren Report with Greg Warren – The History of Donuts March 24, 2023
    Greg Warren joins us with a Warren Report on the history of donuts. Being highly knowledgeable in the subject, Josh Arnold doubts his research.
  • B&T Extra: Guess What! Tom’s Still Moving! March 24, 2023
    On this Bob & Tom Extra: We have Tom’s house situation, monkeys, and Donnie Baker!
  • Full Show Podcast for March 24, 2023 March 24, 2023
    TGIF! Today’s show is littered with turtle talk, Afroman lawsuits, loose bears, 3d printer rocket ships, and general blatant hostility!  Enjoy every segment of today’s BOB & TOM Show. Join Tom Griswold, Chick McGee, Kristi Lee, Josh Arnold, Pat Godwin, and Willie Griswold for a blend of comedy, talk, news, and sports. Avoid the commercials and […]
  • News We Failed To Mention with Jeff Oskay – Romance Novel Edition March 24, 2023
    Jeff Oskay joins us with the News We Failed To Mention with a special joke for Ace Cosby and his romance novels. Kristi Lee says this is Jeff’s best ever Failed To Mention!
  • The B&T Tortilla Slap Challenge March 23, 2023
    First up in the tortilla slap challenge is Greg Warren versus Jeff Oskay, followed by Josh Arnold vs. Chick McGee. The rules? Both competitors hold water in their mouths as long as possible while being slapped in the face with a delicious flour tortilla.
  • The Ailing Greg Warren Plus What Killed Beethoven? March 23, 2023
    Is Greg Warren picky, trendy, or just lactose intolerant? He sits in with us as we cover the news and his many ailments. Researchers have analyzed Beethoven’s DNA and found what may have contributed to his death. In other news, a man lost his father’s ashes while on a pub crawl and is now seeking […]
  • B&T Extra: Sexy Time with Alli Breen March 23, 2023
    On this Bob & Tom Extra: We have comedian Alli Breen blessing us with another Sexy Time segment!
  • Michael Rapaport Joins Us March 23, 2023
    Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport zooms in to discuss his past acting roles in films such as Lucky Numbers and Mighty Aphrodite and his role in the TV series Justified. Rappaport also shares his love for basketball and the NBA, particularly the New York Knicks, and mentions some of the NBA players with the best […]
  • Watch Al Jackson’s Reaction To Kristi’s Engagement March 23, 2023
    Greg Warren joins us in the studio to talk with Al Jackson about wooing the ladies. Al uses his smooth talk and good looks while Greg uses his clarinet. Maybe this is why Tom declares that Greg is “in the league of the unhip with me,” and the entire cast protests this absurd statement.
  • The Pizza’s Gone by Pat Godwin March 23, 2023
    We continue with Pat Godwin’s parody tributes to Ace Cosby’s all-pizza diet.

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