Ron Woodward

Professional Communicator:

40 year Local Chico Resident and over 4 decades as a media pro. Ron has put several radio stations on-the-air in Chico over the years. KFM, KMXI, The Blaze, and Thunder 100.7, Chico’s Classic Rock. Ron is live weekdays on the Thunder from 2 to 6 and known for Lovin’ the Led and his classic rock quiz Thunder Stumper. Ron sports a 7 golf handicap and has won 4 Chico regional championships. Ron knows everybody in Chico, and everybody in Chico knows Ron.

Community and Public Service:

Creator of Thunder’s Rockin’ Golf charity tournament for Make A Wish. Ron has helped Valley Oaks Children’s Services, Chico Little League, The Hydrocephalus Association, Pink Ribbon Foundation, and the Chico Unified School District music programs, and Chico Noon Exchange Brewfest.